A Guide to Alternative Pet Wellness with Canni Hemp Co

As pet owners, we strive to provide the best care and support for our beloved furry friends. With the growing popularity of CBD (cannabidiol) as a natural wellness remedy, many pet owners are now turning to this compound to enhance their pets' overall well-being. CBD has shown remarkable potential in assisting pets by alleviating anxiety, reducing joint pain, aiding in aging, and promoting a sense of calmness. Canni Hemp Co has been a destination for curious pet owners to explore the benefits of CBD. Read on for a few of the most popular reasons our customers have turned to us for help and our recommendations for the most effective ways to administer CBD to your furry family members.

Easing Anxiety

Anxiety can affect pets just as it does humans. Loud noises, separation anxiety, or even changes in routine can trigger stress in our four-legged friends. CBD has emerged as a promising solution for managing that anxiety. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system (yes, your pet has one too!), helping to regulate serotonin levels and reduce anxiety-related symptoms. CBD can promote a sense of calmness without causing sedation or any harmful side effects. Customers at our flagship Canni Hemp Co store in Milwaukee and beyond have found great success in keeping their pets balanced with Canni Signature Pet tinctures.


Alleviating Joint Pain

As pets age, joint pain and inflammation can become common issues, especially in larger breeds and senior animals. CBD's anti-inflammatory properties have made it a sought-after option for relieving joint pain. Many of our customers have reported a marked improvement in their pet's mobility after getting them on a CBD routine. While they are delighted and admittedly surprised, we are well aware of the amazing benefits these products have from using them on our own pets. You don't have to hang up the leash just yet!

CBD For Your Aging Pet

Aging is a fact of life for all of us, which often times can bring about various health challenges. CBD has shown promise in supporting healthy aging for pets. Its antioxidant properties can help combat free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and protect cells from damage. Studies have also shown that CBD may aid in supporting cognitive function, maintaining a healthy immune system, and promoting overall vitality in aging pets.

Encouraging Calmness

While we may enjoy the trappings of a beautiful summer season, it can bring on a lot of stress for our pets at any age or stage! Whether it's a thunderstorm, fireworks, or travel anxiety, keeping our pets calm is crucial for their well-being. CBD has demonstrated its ability to help pets relax and maintain a state of tranquility. CBD can soothe nervousness, promote relaxation, and reduce hyperactivity without causing any psychoactive effects. 

Effective Ways to Administer CBD to Pets

CBD Treats: One of the most popular and convenient methods is giving pets CBD-infused treats. These treats are available in various flavors, sizes, and CBD concentrations, making them a tasty and effective way to administer CBD to your pet. Our Milwaukee location carries a variety of treats, including targeted solutions for calming and mobility and infused peanut butter for even the pickiest of eaters!

CBD Oil: CBD oil is another widely used method for pets. It can be added to their food or directly administered into their mouth using a dropper. Ensure you choose a high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated for pets, with the appropriate dosage instructions.

Topical Applications: For localized pain and skin conditions, CBD-infused topical products like balms or creams can be applied directly to the affected area.

Capsules or Pills: CBD capsules or pills can be an alternative for pets that are not fond of the taste or texture of treats or oil. Simply hide the capsule in their favorite treat or food.

Dosing Guidelines

Finding the right dose is essential for success. Keep in mind these dosages are approximate ranges and may vary depending on factors such as the severity of the condition, the pet's individual response, and the concentration of CBD in the product you're using. It's always recommended to start with the lowest effective dose and gradually increase if needed while closely monitoring your pet's response. Local customers are encouraged to stop in a chat with our knowledgable staff or book a free Canni consult if you aren't local to Milwaukee. We also encourage you to discuss alternative wellness options with your vet.


CBD has emerged as a natural and effective option for promoting the well-being of pets. Its potential to ease anxiety, alleviate joint pain, support aging, and encourage calmness makes it a valuable supplement for our furry companions. When considering CBD for your pets, it's important to consult with your veterinarian and choose high-quality CBD products specifically formulated for animals. With proper administration and the right dosage, CBD can be a powerful ally in enhancing the quality of life for your beloved pets.