Everyday Dose


Everyday Dose addresses issues with regular coffee, while drastically building on its benefits. We took what we loved about coffee (taste, ritual, energy) and removed what we didn’t (crash, anxiety, jitters, poor sleep, digestive issues). By blending a low-caffeine, low-acidity coffee extract with an effective quantity of four other ingredients that improve energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, and immunity, we created a drink that really can’t be compared to coffee aside from the taste and ritual. Which is exactly what we were going for. 😎


Mud uses mushrooms blended with oats β€” Dose uses 100% fruiting body mushrooms. Mud does not have a mushroom extraction process β€” Dose does a double extraction. Mud does not include Collagen β€” Dose does. Mud does not include L-Theanine β€” Dose does. Mud has 35mg of caffeine β€” Dose has 39mg. Dose is easy to mix β€” Mud leaves sediment. Dose tastes amazing β€” Mud tastes like..Cardamom + Chai + Turmeric.


Nope! The mushrooms in our products are 100% legal and 0% psychedelic - they do not contain psilocybin or any other psychoactive ingredients.

So drinking Everyday Dose won't make you see the spirits of your ancestors.

That said, psychedelics - especially magic mushrooms - have proven helpful for people dealing with depression, PTSD, and a host of other issues. We thoroughly support the exploration of natural solutions to our problems, which is why we donate a % of our profits to Heroic Hearts, which connects veterans struggling with PTSD to psychedelic therapy retreats. (Psst, veterans still get a lifetime discount - email us!)

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