Canni Pet Line Dogs (Bacon Flavor)


We aren’t the only ones who experience stress, anxiety, and the effects of aging. Help your four-legged family live their best lives by your side with our pet tincture, formulated with 600mg of full spectrum hemp + natural flavors they will be sure to beg for.

Serving Size: 20mg per 1ml dose

Recommended Use: Administer recommended dose directly into your pet’s mouth (optimal) or on food. Gradually increase dose until desired outcome is achieved, 1-2x daily. Use consistently for best results.

Recommended Serving Chart
10lbs: 1-3 mg (Less Than .25 Dropper)
20lbs: 3-6 mg (.25 Dropper)
30lbs: 6-9 mg (1/2 Dropper)
40lbs: 9-12 mg (Slightly over 1/2)
50lbs: 12-15 mg(3/4 Dropper)
60lbs+: 15-20 mg (Full Dropper)

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