Canni Hemp Co 600mg Full Spectrum Body


Combat those persistent aches and pains and take back control with our signature Body tincture. A dynamic blend of naturally derived terpenes + 600mg of full spectrum hemp extract boasts a range of anti-inflammation properties your joints and muscles will thank you for. If you find yourself reaching for that bottle of Ibuprofen on the regular, this formulation is for you.  

Serving Size: 20mg per 1ml dose 

Key Ingredient Benefits: 

Myrcene (terpene) - Analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties  

B-Caryophyllene (terpene) - Calms the mind & body 

Recommended Use: Drop .5ml - 1ml underneath the tongue, once or twice a day as needed. Hold underneath the tongue for 60 seconds and use consistently for optimal results. 

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