The Mom's Guide to Cannabis: From Curiosity to Confidence

You’ve all seen the memes and heard the jokes about “wine moms” and “mothers little helpers”. These tropes are practically a part of the cultural zeitgeist. Many people can relate to the stress of parenting and the desire to unwind with a drink, so the "wine mom" meme can be seen as a way to poke fun at this relatable experience. Yet there is still undoubtedly a stigma attached to moms who use cannabis. Why is it that downing a bottle of wine is silly and acceptable and celebrated, but taking a garage break to hit a spliff or sneaking an edible calls your ability to parent into question? Of course, geographic location and the status of legalization in your state may play a big role in attitudes around canna-moms. With legalization becoming more widespread, medical and recreational use of cannabis has grown in popularity, yet many mothers who use cannabis still feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. And we’re here to tell you: you are far from alone. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that almost half of the respondents reported using cannabis, and further found that parents who used cannabis were more likely using it to manage stress and anxiety. Further, more and more people in general are looking for healthier alternatives to alcohol use in social settings. Read our blog on that here. Sound like you, or someone you know? Keep reading for our picks for the canna-curious moms, those looking for daily solutions to “take the edge off”, and the seasoned cannabis users.

For the Canna Curious:

 If you are new to cannabis, or perhaps have even dabbled and had a less than ideal experience, we suggest dipping your toe in by micro-dosing. Micro-dosing cannabis refers to consuming very small doses in order to experience its therapeutic benefits with little to no psychoactive effects. Proper dosing is key to gaining the results you desire, and that means different things to different people. We always recommend starting low and slowly increasing your dose as you get to know how your body responds. Our first pick for the canna curious are Mods gummies. These tasty, pear flavored morsels are formulated to give you control. At 5mg per piece, starting with 1/2 - 1 gummy is a true micro-dose, and sky is the limit from there. Bonus? Mods blend hemp-derived THC with sativa terpenes, L-theanine, and Yerba mate for an extra hit of natural energy, mood balancing, and focus. What mom couldn’t use that? 


For Anti-Anxiety/Stress Reduction:

As noted above, many people use cannabis to manage stress and anxiety. You might be looking for a daily solution that leaves you clear headed and ready to take on the day. Our full spectrum Coast tincture is your ticket there. One of our best selling tinctures, Coast gives you all the benefits of cannabis without the high. Made from organic, Wisconsin grown hemp and manufactured in a local GMP certified lab, the quality and care that went into formulating this product is unmatched. A proprietary blend of limonene and linalool terpenes promote mood enhancement and relaxation in a subtle, easy to take oil. Honorable mention? Canni Whole Spectrum Fruit Chews are another popular choice. With 30mg in each naturally flavored chew, these gummies have helped our customers with anxiety, pain relief, and more restful sleep.


For the Sober Curious Mom:

Maybe you’re as sick of the “wine mom” memes are we are and are looking for a solution to cut out or cut back on your nightly glass (or few). No judgement here! But we also have some great options if you’re looking to catch a little ~buzz~. Enter: the Canni Rec Chews. The latest addition to our Canni Line, these 10mg hemp-derived THC raspberry chews pack a nice little punch without taking you overboard. Many causal users find 10mg to be the “sweet spot”, still able to enjoy social interactions while feeling relaxed and even sweeter? You’ll enjoy a great nights sleep and wake up feeling fresh for those 8am baseball games. Local to the greater Milwaukee area? Our flagship store in Walkers Point is stocked with a variety of CBD and THC infused beverages that are perfect for a night around the fire, a tailgate, or to sip on during those aforementioned marathon sporting games and practices. Just don’t forget your sunglasses.

 For the Trailblazer Canna-Mom:

These are the moms who have been canna-moms before canna-moms were a thing. They’ve long known that cannabis is the key to remaining relaxed and engaged even when their kid asks “but whyyyyy??” for the hundredth time. They might be heavy hitters, daily dosers, and they definitely know what they like. And she deserves nothing less than the freshly rolled out Canni Delta 9 Subscription box. This box comes packed with a curated selection of staff and customer favorite THC edibles to keep mom chill all month long. Previously available in store only, you can now get these goodies delivered right to your door every month. 



Still apprehensive? We offer free one-on-one consults with our extremely knowledgable staff who can walk you through your options, give individualized suggestions, and answer any burning questions you want to know! These can be done in store on via Facetime. Click here to schedule or call the shop at (414) 488-9319.


Last (really important) note? Remember to always keep cannabis products out of reach of children! While most come in tamper proof packaging, is anything really tamper proof when you’re three?