Modern Fatherhood: Dad's Who Use Cannabis and What To Gift Them This Father's Day

In recent years, society's perception of cannabis has evolved, shedding the stigma associated with its use. As we approach Father's Day, it's essential to recognize and celebrate the dads who responsibly incorporate cannabis into their lives. These fathers are breaking stereotypes and embracing modern fatherhood while navigating the cannabis landscape. If your dad happens to be a cannabis enthusiast, why not surprise him with a gift from Canni Hemp Co that celebrates his passion? We've curated a list of gift ideas that cater to dads who enjoy cannabis, allowing them to indulge in their favorite pastime with some of our best-selling products!

Hold the High: CBD Products for Dad

 If your dad appreciates the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but prefers to avoid the psychoactive effects, consider gifting him CBD. CBD oils, topicals, edibles, and even beverages are available in a wide range of flavors and concentrations. These products offer relaxation, pain relief, and other wellness benefits without the high. By prioritizing their well-being, dads can better engage with their families and enjoy a higher quality of life. At Canni Hemp Co we prioritize quality and transparency, so you can be sure anything you find in our shop will be good enough for the best dad.


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Subscription Boxes For Cannabis Loving Dads

Fatherhood comes with a multitude of responsibilities, and sometimes dads need a way to unwind and de-stress. It doesn't get any easier or stress-free than a monthly delivery of products delivered right to his door. Our curated subscription boxes offer three different options to suit any need - The Canni Signature Box includes our best-selling hemp derived wellness supplements to support relief from muscle soreness, inflammation, or anxiety. 

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If your dad fancies himself a really - fungi - (excuse the dad joke, we had to!), our Mushroom Subscription box is the ticket to increased focus, mood, athletic recovery, and cognition. Seriously, functional mushrooms are a powerhouse in any wellness routine. And while not cannabis related, if your dad is into alternative solutions for every day problems, this box is a great introduction to his new favorite products! Looking to start smaller? Check out Canni's online mushroom offerings  or visit our Milwaukee flagship store in Walkers Point for even more!

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For the serious cannabis enthusiast, look no further than our one of a kind hemp-derived THC monthly subscription box. These boxes are exclusive to Canni Hemp Co and STACKED with tasty treats that will keep your dad on chill mode all month long and the value is unbelievable - June's box is valued at over $100!

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This Father's Day, let's celebrate the dads who use cannabis and challenge the stereotypes surrounding their choices. By embracing modern fatherhood and responsibly incorporating cannabis into their lives, these dads are redefining the narrative. From promoting bonding and connection to finding relaxation and wellness benefits, they demonstrate that cannabis can be a positive element in their parenting journey. Canni Hemp Co encourages open conversations, education, responsible consumption, and fostering a supportive environment where dads can thrive and continue to be exceptional fathers. Local to Milwaukee? Bring your dad in for a chat and a free edible this Father's Day!