Catch A New Buzz: Exploring the World of Alternative Cocktails With Canni

In recent years, the world of mixology has undergone a fascinating evolution, giving rise to a new wave of cocktails that deviate from the traditional concoctions. As societal preferences shift towards healthier and more holistic lifestyles, the emergence of alternative cocktails has become a remarkable trend. Among these alternatives, cannabis cocktails, CBD-infused potions, kava elixirs, and functional mushroom blends have captured the attention of both curious consumers and innovative mixologists. Canni Hemp Co has been ahead of the curve here in Milwaukee, encouraging our patrons to think outside the box when it comes to alternative ways to catch a more beneficial buzz. With Canni Cafe set to open it’s doors in Fall 2023, we wanted to take the opportunity to delve further into this exciting trend, exploring the unique properties of these compounds and their potential benefits when incorporated into cocktails and cafe drinks.

Cannabis Cocktails: A High of a Different Kind

Cannabis has stepped out of the realm of the merely recreational and into the world of mixology, giving rise to a new category of cocktails. The fusion of this once-taboo substance with spirits and mixers has become a creative playground for bartenders and mixologists. Cannabis-infused spirits and tinctures are replacing traditional liquors in cocktails, offering a mellow high and a unique flavor profile. These cocktails aim to provide a balanced experience, emphasizing the subtleties of cannabis alongside complementary ingredients. 

CBD-Infused Elixirs: Calm in a Glass

CBD has surged in popularity due to its relaxation and stress-reducing effects. Mixologists experimenting with CBD-infused cocktails are creating beverages that provide a sense of calm without the euphoria associated with THC. CBD's subtle earthy notes blend seamlessly with various flavors, offering an enticing twist to classic cocktails. There’s really no limit to what can be done with CBD infusions, from your classic cocktails to innovative recipes designed to work in harmony with other mood-boosting botanicals, these elixirs cater to those seeking a more soothing drinking experience.

Kava: From Pacific Tradition to Global Palates

At Canni, we have been touting kava as an alcohol alternative for some time, giving our customers a taste of what’s to come with our new venture through canned beverages we carry in our flagship Walkers Point shop to sampling batched fruit juice infusions at special events. More and more this traditional beverage derived from the Pacific Islands is making its way into modern mixology. Known for its calming and stress-relieving properties, kava has become a staple ingredient in cocktails that aim to promote relaxation without the foggy sensation induced by alcohol. Kava bars are popping up around the world, serving up kava-based mocktails that provide a natural way to unwind. Its unique taste, often described as earthy and slightly bitter, adds a distinct flavor profile to cocktails. Though some consider it an acquired taste, you might be surprised to find out just how much you love it when mixed with the right combination of ingredients!

Functional Mushrooms: Elevating Mind and Body

We never stop talking about our love for functional mushrooms, so you won’t be surprised to find them on our new menu!Functional mushrooms, such as reishi, lion's mane, and chaga, have gained traction for their potential cognitive and immune-boosting benefits. These mushrooms are finding their way into beverages, offering an intriguing alternative to traditional cocktail ingredients. Lion's mane, one of our favorite fungi powerhouses, is known for its potential to enhance cognitive function, making it a valuable addition to drinks designed to stimulate the mind. Blended with adaptogenic herbs and natural sweeteners, functional mushroom cocktails are designed to nourish both the body and the spirit.

Cafe Culture Meets Alternative Cocktails

The trend of alternative cocktails isn't confined to traditional bars alone; it's permeating cafe culture as well. Coffee shops and cafes are introducing cannabis, CBD, kava, and mushroom-infused drinks to their menus, catering to a diverse range of patrons. Cannabis-infused cold brews, CBD-infused lattes, kava tea blends, and mushroom-infused cappuccinos are becoming part of the daily routines of health-conscious consumers seeking a unique beverage experience. 

Potential Benefits of Alternative Cocktails

The incorporation of these compounds into cocktails isn't just about the novelty; it’s about the benefits and how they fit into your alternative wellness journey. These ingredients offer a spectrum of effects, from relaxation and stress relief to cognitive enhancement and immune support. For those seeking to avoid the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption, these alternatives provide an opportunity to unwind without the wrecking havoc on your body. They open avenues for creativity in mixology, allowing bartenders to craft drinks that cater to a more holistic approach to well-being. 

An Inclusive Experience In An Inclusive Space

We understand that not everyone is ready to dive right in to this alternative world and our goal is to meet you where you are on your journey. We see ourselves as a space for friends and neighbors to gather, whether you are looking to imbibe in traditional cocktails or explore a new path. It can be difficult to step outside what you've always known, but when you step into the new Canni, we're here as always to give you room to grow in a judgement free zone. Dive right in or slowly wade, we're here to support YOU!

The world of cocktails is undergoing a transformative shift as alternative ingredients like cannabis, CBD, kava, and functional mushrooms take center stage. These compounds are not only redefining the art of mixology but also aligning with the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers. Whether enjoyed in bars or cafes, or mixing your own at home, these alternative cocktails offer a symphony of flavors and effects that appeal to those seeking a novel, yet mindful, drinking experience. As this trend continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the glass is more than half full when you venture into the world of alternative beverages and we hope you start your exploration with us at Canni!